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Get to Know the 10 Most Famous Festivals in the Philippines

DINAGYANG Festival 2020 in Iloilo - Foreigners BLOWN AWAY!
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Ati-Atihan Festival

This is a yearly festival in the Philippines that celebrates the Malay heritage. The festival is centuries old and takes place in Kalibo, Aklan each January. People dress up in colorful costumes and listen to music and dance while commemorating their culture.


Sinulog Festival

The Sinulog Festival is a yearly event that takes place in Cebu City on the third Sunday of January. This festival celebrates a feast honoring Señor Santo Niño or Lord Holy Child. This child is a symbol of miraculous events connected to colonization in Philippines history. During the festival, religious performances take center stage. Thousands of people march down the streets wearing bright costumes.


Kadayawan Festival

The Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of life and bounty that is held every August in Davao City. The festival showcases the culture, history, and tradition of the Dabawenyo people who live in Mindanao. The celebrations include ethnic dances, colorful floats and processions, street parties, and folk music performances.

Kadayawan Festival 2019 Music - Agosto sa Dabaw by Maan Chua [Official Theme Song] [CC]

Panagbenga Festival

The Flower Festival is a celebration that takes place in Baguio City every February. This festival includes parades with beautiful costumes made from flowers and masks made out of paper mache. These masks are meant to honor the Indigenous tribes in the Philippines. There are also traditional Philippine dances like Tinikling that are performed by locals during this festival.


MassKara Festival

The MassKara Festival is a yearly event that takes place in October in Bacolod City. People wear colorful masks and costumes to Latin music as part of the parade. The festival celebrates unity and happiness and is meant to bring people together in a joyful celebration.

CHAMPION - Brgy. Tangub (Brgy. Category) - MassKara Festival 2018

Dinagyang Festival

Held every January in Iloilo City, the Dinagyang Festival is a feast held in honor of the infant Jesus. The highlight of the festival is the “Ati” tribe’s street dance performance, which depicts the arrival of the Spaniards in Iloilo.

DINAGYANG Festival 2020 in Iloilo - Foreigners BLOWN AWAY!

Moriones Festival

Held every March or April on Marinduque Island, the Moriones Festival is a week-long celebration that culminates with a procession of people dressed as Roman soldiers. The festival commemorates the story of Longinus, a Roman soldier who was said to have converted to Christianity after being blinded by Jesus’ blood.

Moriones Festival in Marinduque 2019 | Pugutan | Marinduque Island , Philippines | Holy Week

Flores de Mayo

Held throughout May, Flores de Mayo is a month-long festival that celebrates Mary, the mother of Jesus. The highlight of the festival is the “Santacruzan” procession, which features participants dressed in beautiful costumes carrying flowers and images of saints.

SantaCruzan | Flores de Mayo | Bulacan Sagala 2022

Higantes Festival

Held every November 22nd in Angono, Rizal, Higantes Festival is a giant puppet festival that honors St. Clemente de Angono, the patron saint of farmers. The highlight of the festival is giant papier-mâché puppets called “higantes” which are paraded through the streets.

Parade of Giants

Pahiyas Festival

Held every May 15th in Lucban, Quezon, the Pahiyas Festival is a harvest festival that celebrates the bountiful harvest of rice and other crops. The highlight of the festival is the decoration of houses with colorful fruits and vegetables.