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History of Negros oriental

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Basic information

Negros Oriental is one of the 81 provinces that make up the Philippines. It is located in the Central Visayas region, on the island of Negros. The province is bordered by Negros Occidental to the west, and by the Bohol Sea to the south and east. The capital city of Negros Oriental is Dumaguete City.

First inhabitants

The first inhabitants of Negros Oriental are thought to have been the Negritos, a group of dark-skinned people who arrived in the Philippines around 30,000 years ago. These early settlers were followed by the Austronesians, who began to arrive around 3,000 BC. The Austronesians were a group of people from Southeast Asia who migrated to the Philippines via Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands.

Negros Oriental was first settled by the Austronesians around 3,000 BC. The early Austronesian settlers were followed by the Chinese, who began to arrive in the Philippines around 1000 BC. The Chinese migrants brought with them their own culture and traditions, which greatly influenced the Negrense people.

Spanish domination

The Negrense people have a long history of resistance against foreign invaders. In 1571, Negros Island was conquered by the Spanish Empire and renamed "Isla de Negros". The Spaniards established several Catholic missions on the island, and forcibly converted the Negrense people to Christianity.

During the Philippine Revolution of 1896-1898, Negros Island was one of the first areas to rise up against Spanish colonial rule. On November 5, 1898, Negros Oriental has proclaimed a separate province from Negros Occidental by the Revolutionary Government of Negros Island.

Establishment of the Province of Negros Oriental

In 1901, Negros Island was divided into two separate provinces: Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. The province of Negros Oriental continued to exist until it was abolished in 1972 by Presidential Decree No. 1. The province was re-established in 1986 by virtue of the Batas Pambansa Blg. 221.

Negros Oriental today

Today, Negros Oriental is a thriving province with a rich culture and history. Its capital city, Dumaguete City, is known as the "City of Gentle People" and is a popular tourist destination. Negros Oriental is also home to the world-famous "Balonglong" mangrove forest, which is a protected area and a popular tourist spot. The province is also famous for its Negrense cuisine, which includes dishes such as chicken inasal and piaya.


We hope you have enjoyed learning about the history of Negros Oriental. This province has a lot to offer tourists, from its rich culture and history to its beautiful natural scenery. We encourage you to come and explore Negros Oriental for yourself!

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